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Benefits of having a company Intranet:

Having everything in one place makes information storage and retrieval simpler and more efficient.

Improved business processes through collaboration tools and rapid access to business information.

Enhanced knowledge management. Makes it easier for employees to access, distribute, and share information. It is easier than using print or other mediums to keep the information up-to-date. It provides keyword searching.

Greater return on IT investments. Web-based interfaces are inexpensive compared to packaged software alternatives. There are no per-user licenses. There is a marked reduction in deployment and training costs compared to most other alternatives.

Benefits of having a company Extranet:

Marketing and sales information can be provided to support partners' sales efforts and facilitate their access to standard information like product pictures, product specifications, and shipment dates.

Groupware applications can be extended to outside consultants and strategic partners that need to collaborate on a project.

Newsgroups, mailing lists, and web pages can be created so employees and partners can share ideas and knowledge, or track the progress of a collaborative effort.

Customer support systems can be accessed at any time, increasing the serviceability of a product.


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