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Five business issues

The following are five challenges that Computersols frequently come across, and how we go about dealing with them.

"We have outgrown our existing database"

Our experience tells us this is because either your business has evolved; your database is being used by many more individuals than it was designed for; your database is bulging with data.

"The person who designed our database is no longer with us. Help!"

Companies up are brimming with legacy databases. The Computersols database team provide a full diagnostic service for all existing databases and will advise on all available options. If a new system is the only possible solution, we will provide full data transfer from your legacy system.

"We have many duplicate records"

Duplicate records often point to wider design problems with your database. Records that are duplicated, incomplete or redundant will severely hamper the performance of your database system. In most cases, it renders useful reporting meaningless, slows down the system and erodes confidence in it. The databases we provide strictly adhere to the relational model to avoid problems with inserting, updating and deleting records.

"We donít get any useful information out of our database"

A poorly designed database can restrict meaningful reporting. At the heart of every database is a rock hard solid structure. This enables data to be inputted accurately and efficiently and allows precise reporting are any area of the system. In short, Data-In-Information-Out!

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